Teaching transgenderism to 3rd graders

Teaching transgenderism to 3rd graders

Yet another reason to homeschool: A local elementary school introduced third-graders to the concept of transvestites and transgenderism. Do I even need to tell you that they didn’t bother to ask parents’ permission or tell them first?

The opportunity for this “teachable moment” - the kind that Superintendent Jeff Young likes to portray as merely responding to some child’s “random questioning”- occurred when the social worker was describing various families outside of the traditional mommy-and-daddy norm and showed the class a picture of a woman with two children, asking what they saw in the picture. A child then raised his hand to tell her (are you sitting sit down for this?) that he thought the picture was of a man who had a sex change operation and was now a woman. Apparently, the child’s own father was undergoing such an operation (which he/she has since completed).

The person doing this indoctrinating was a social worker, who is a former board member of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, which sponsored an infamous student conference in Boston where very explicit sexual activities were described. Laura Perkins, the social worker, gave a seminar on introducing homosexuality to early elementary children.

Now when parents complained to the principal—including parents who are not opposed to the homosexual lifestyle, but just don’t want it being discussed with their 8-year-old children—they were told that the Parental Consent Law does not apply (Remember: issues related to homosexuality are above the law). In fact, the main complainant was treated as if she were an intruder into the education process.

Here’s the situation: Liberals are aborting and contracepting themselves out of existence and within a few generations a large proportion of the population will be people who actually are having kids, i.e. those with more conservative points of view. How to keep liberalism from going extinct then? By indoctrinating those that are being born.

I’ve heard it said more than once, by teachers and administrators no less, that teaching kids “the right things” is more important than worrying about whether parents agree. Children must be indoctrinated into liberal ideology for their own good. And while home schooling and some private schools are an escape hatch for now, our children will still have to live in a world dominated by public school kids. And just how long do you think they will allow our children to escape their clutches anyway?

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  • Here in Georgetown, two fourth grade boys got in a fight during recess.  A third boy, quite innocently told them they should kiss and make up(remember, we are talking about a nine year old).  One of the boys from the fight punched him in the face!

    The story doesn’t stop here.  While the “batterer” was suspended for punching the boy, the boy who was hit was suspended also for his sexually insensitive remark.

    Oh, but the story continues… All the 3rd and 4th grade boys were marched off to the gymnasium, where the Phys Ed instructor gave them a talk about the words GAY and FAG.  Evidently, any male who loves another male is to be considered GAY!!!

    No note to the parents before hand!  Another teachable moment I suppose!

    1)  When people ask us why we homeschool, here’s another reason.
    2)  Better think twice before using the phrase “I LOVE YOU, MAN!!!”

  • Newton is WAY out there in terms gay activism, not unlike Brookline and Lexington.  It’s not as bad (yet) in most other towns and cities but this was one of the reasons my daughter went to a parochial school.

    Remember, “it takes a village” to raise your child.

  • And not quite Lynne, it takes a villiage to raise an idiot.

    Kale, I think that’s what they want.  They don’t want young people to see the beauty in the world, but the base.

  • “I made a mistake concerning the title of the transgendered curriculum funded by the Gill Foundation. It is called “Beyond the Binary”.”

    Wow, I have to look this up.  I assume this is the same Gill who poured tons of money to advance(without electoral success) the gay agenda in Colorado’s recent election.