Teach them to walk before you ask them to run

Teach them to walk before you ask them to run

Rod Dreher has an excellent editorial in the Dallas Morning News today, observing that for the US bishops to start lecturing Catholic politicians and voters about integrating morality into their civic lives is putting the cart before the horse.

The child sex abuse scandal and the evacuation of moral authority it caused is part of it, but there’s a more fundamental problem here: For an entire generation, Catholics in this country have not been taught the basics of the faith.

In a powerful essay published in The Wanderer, a conservative Catholic newspaper, Father Joseph F. Wilson writes that this communion controversy is taking place as if the church in America has clearly and forcefully taught its people what the Eucharist is, and why abortion is so morally repugnant. Nonsense, says the Brooklyn priest, who argues that parishes have fed their people a steady diet of noncontroversial, content-free “mommy religion” for so long that nobody should be surprised that Catholics don’t understand what the church teaches, and why.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli