Talking about Touching in Minneapolis

Talking about Touching in Minneapolis

The debate over “safe environment sex education” continues in the Minneapolis-St. Paul archdiocese. Unlike other dioceses, concerned parents have been successful in getting the archdiocese to agree to allow parishes to choose between a Catholic-appropriate program and Talking about Touching, whose deficiencies I have detailed at length.

The parents’ group, Primary Educators, has updated their blog with information on the new push for the program as the school year begins. Among the key bits is the news that for the first time “the archdiocese has publicly stated in writing that the “Formation in Christian Chastity” or Harrisburg program is approved by Archbishop Flynn.” This is the alternative to the Planned Parenthood-endorsed Talking about Touching that parents were able to get officials to allow, if begrudgingly. The Harrsiburg program now has 36 schools using it, while Talking about Touching will be used in 31.

Speaking of the Planned Parenthood endorsement, in a Q&A in the diocesan newspaper, Sr. Fran Donnelly, archdiocesan director of the youth protection office, admits to the fact of the endorsement. This should embarrass everyone pushing this program as much as its roots in a pro-prostitution occultic feminist organization.

I hope someday soon people wake up and realize that these programs unnecessarily strip the innocence from children, make them responsible for their own protection from predators, and aim to make us forget that the reason priestly predators were able to do the damage they did was because bishops coddled and protected them.

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Written by
Domenico Bettinelli