Tale of Two Bradys

Tale of Two Bradys

What a game. The New England Patriots beat the San Diego Chargers against nearly all expectations, and even I thought the effort was lost three-quarters of the way through. But you can never count out these Pats, especially in the playoffs.

They were down by 11 with a couple minutes left in the first half and down by eight with a few minutes left in the game and scored decisively both times 11 unanswered points at the end.

Of course, much of the credit/blame has to go to San Deigo coach Marty Schottenheimer for some very bad moves, notably including going for it on 4th and 11 in the first quarter and then throwing away a critical timeout in the second half by challenging a turnover that was clearly unambiguous.

On the other hand, Ladanian Tomlinson ran at will and Philip Rivers threw some very big passes, while Tom Brady—apart from the final two minutes of the first half and the final five of the second—struggled and was held in check by the Chargers.

There were so many key plays, key changes in momentum, in addition to all the little things the Patriots did right, I can’t catalog them all here. I’ll just wrap up by saying how much I’m looking forward to next week’s game in Indianapolis. It’ll be poetic.

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  • Wow. Just amazing.

    This is our year, I have no doubt. You have to have some magic and some unexplainable breaks (see “Rule” [comma] “Tuck”). Interception and then a fumble? You can’t make this stuff up.

    Pats by 10 next week in Indy.

  • You’re a better man than I am, Dom o’ mine. I did what I usually do in situations like these…left the TV room in the fourth quarter like the coward I am, pretended to read, and only emerged when I heard a yelp from my roommates. grin

  • Great game. Really felt the adreneline. It’s good to see the underdogs win. And the Pats will be underdogs next Sunday as well. Indy is already at -3.0. No respect yet for the Bill, Tom and the gang!

  • Very good to see that they can still win when Brady doesn’t have his “A” game.  Looking forward to next Sunday.  First the Bolts and now the Colts!  Go Pats!!

  • Perhaps, if you guys can get past the Colts next week, we’ll (the Bears) see you in Miami.  wink

    Of course, I’m looking forward to the Saints coming to town next Sunday.

  • The only thing that annoyed me about the game is that it went past 8:00 pm and so I had to keep flipping back and forth between the game and 24.

    Tom and Jack both had great nights.

    “We’re running out of time!”


  • Roseberry,
    Was that a case of deja vu or what?  I would have thought that watching Schottsie’s team collapse would have been an enjoyable episode of schadenfruede, but alas, no such luck. All it did was stir up painful memories.

  • I was really looking forward to an Eagles-Pats Super Bowl before Andy Reid decided to punt on 4th and 15 with 1:50 left and put the burden on a defense that had given up over 400 yards to that point.

    I’m not a fan of Belicheck, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the Pats win it all.

    Now if they would only bring back their helmets with Pat the Patriot on them. I miss that uniform.

  • I watched the game with three of the biggest Pats fans in Steubenville-it’s possible they were the loudest fans including Boston, I’m not sure.

    It was a thrilling game, esp when some of our California friends joined us… and sat quietly on the sidelines.  Tee-hee!!