Taking my toys and going home

Taking my toys and going home

Cardinal Mahony says that if the bishops conference doesn’t talk about diocesan abuse audits in June, he and his buddies are staying home.

Mahony warned that he and other California bishops would not attend a national meeting in June unless bishops took up the issue at that time, Burke said. Mahony was in Rome on Tuesday and could not be reached for comment. An aide in Los Angeles said staff would have to check with Mahony before commenting.

My first reaction is to say, “Great!” Now how can we get them to stay home for every conference meeting? But then I realize that the June meeting was supposed to be almost purely a spiritual retreat without regular business (i.e. meddling and tinkering with the faith, ad nauseum), and so I think maybe Mahony’s trying to find an excuse not to go.

Seriously, I think the real motivation is public relations. Which bishop was it that Frank Keating accused of being a mafiosi? Mahony. He’s the king of obstruction and obfuscation, yet here he can look like he’s standing on principle against that very thing. Sorry, Your Eminence, we’re not buying it.

  • “because we have very real concerns about having another Matthew Shepherd situation.”

    Of course, we shouldn’t have any real concerns of having another Jeffrey Curley or Jesse Dirkhising situation, should we?

    You may be aware of Jeffrey’s tragic end, but if you’re not familiar with Jesse’s, do a search BEFROE you eat lunch. God bless and comfort them both.

  • Mahony should act and not just talk.  Invite the NRB audit team in May to the LA chancery and let them get a head start on that 2004 “annual report”.

  • I’m not saying that the Globe went in with deliberate malice to create a story to smear the efforts in Iraq. I do think that they don’t mind coming upon such stories and are too credulous, too willing to believe them, to believe that our military is capable of such. I think the editors were only too happy to provide some space in their newspaper for it and were’t willing to provide an editorial skepticism that every other media outlet happened to have.