Sunday (apart from Mass) is sports day

Sunday (apart from Mass) is sports day

What a great day. The Red Sox have another last-minute come-from-behind win, making their series with the Oakland A’s 2-2 with Pedro coming to the mound tomorrow fully rested and Barry Zito pitching for Oakland on 3 days rest. And then the Patriots beat Tennessee in an awesome game that wasn’t as close as the score said. Despite injuries, the second-rank players stopped the Titans cold and even the gimpy had some great plays too.

It was a long day for me because my brother-in-law Pete and I had to be across the street from Gillette Stadium by 8:30, which is about an hour ride from home. Pete, the man of a million side-businesses, had arranged to paint fans’ faces for money at the local sports talk radio station’s “All Pro Celebrity Tailgate Party.” It was basically a big tent with free cigars, free beer, free food, celebrities, ex-players, and all kinds of other stuff. Well, it was free for us. Most people had to pay $100 per ticket. After the football game started we hung out with the guys running it (all the paying customers had tickets to the game) and watched the Sox and the Pats on big screens until halftime. Then we hopped in my car and got home in time to watch the ends of the games.

Whew! And now Pete will be painting faces at every Pats home game. And I’ll get to go again. Yeah!

As for tomorrow: Go Sox! (“At least they didn’t get swept.”— Dom, a typical cynical Sox fan.)

One last thing for Sox fans: Apparently “Cowboy up!” means “Swing at pitches, low and away.” Sox fans will get that.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli