Study says epidurals affect breastfeeding

Study says epidurals affect breastfeeding

“Women who receive epidural anaestesia during childbirth have difficulties breastfeeding their babies”

Epidurals, or spinal anaestesia, may hinder woman’s ability to properly breastfeed her newborn baby.

A team of Australian researchers looked at 1,280 women who had given birth, 33% of whom were given an epidural. Overall, 93% of the women breastfed their babies for at least the first week.

Australian study has found that women who are given an epidural have a harder time breastfeeding during the first week after their child is born, and that overall they are more than likely to stop breastfeeding their baby earlier, compared with women who had been given no pain relief during labour.

72% of women who had no pain relief were still breastfeeding when their children were 24 weeks old, compared with only 53% of women who received an epidural or the painkiller, pethidine.

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