Stripping Fr. Doyle of his faculties

Stripping Fr. Doyle of his faculties

  • I’m torn about this Dom. As I’ve made plain, I have theological differences with Fr. Doyle. Yet it’s interesting that bishops will let other less-than-orthodox priests get away with anything, but Doyle gets the smackdown. I’m thinking right now of the “How to Use Dildos and Vibrators” workshop the fine folks at St. Francis Xavier parish in NYC put on last year. To the best of my knowledge, not a peep was heard out of Cardinal Egan about that.

    Of course, the failure to discipline Jack does not justify Jill’s disobedience. Still, it’s awfully damn convenient what bishops choose to overlook and to punish in the case of Fr. Doyle.

  • Another part of the problem with Doyle, as I’ve just learned, is that he apparently asked something called the “Holy Orthodox Church’ to recognize him as a priest, which in the Air Force’s eyes means he’s switched religions. That means he’s no longer a Catholic chaplain and thus his faculties should be stripped by the Military Archdiocese. Notice that it hasn’t been stripped from him universally.

    I think Doyle just made it convenient by lining up enemies from both sides of the aisle against him.