A news report says the Bishop of Altoona-Johnstown, Pennsylvania, knows of four cases of alleged abusive priests yet has done nothing about them.

    Two of the accused priests were stationed at Johnstown?s Catholic high school—one as principal, and the other as music director and director of a boys and girls? camp. One of the accused priests now holds a leadership position in the diocese, and two are pastors in diocese churches.

    … The diocese also is keeping the new accusations a secret from area prosecutors, despite Adamec?s repeated promises of cooperation with district attorneys in the eight counties of the diocese.

Bishop Adamec says in response to requests for information on the allegations: “The fact that we do not issue a statement for the newspapers about each case does not mean that no action takes place.”

When are some bishops going to learn? After all this time, they’re still covering up and keeping people in the dark. The names are out and the allegations are public. You may as well tell everyone what you’re doing about it. It’s stonewalling like this that gives groups like Voice of the Faithful their ammunition and keep people joining their chapters. It’s long past time to be open and forthright with the people.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli