Stogie cruises?

Stogie cruises?

Boston has enacted a new ban on smoking in public places, including restaurants, bars, companies, and anywhere people work. Many fine establishments that were once great places for a cigar with or before your meal or a drink are now just plain old bars and restaurants. Cigar bars have been devastated. Civil liberties have been abridged. (By the way, where’s the ACLU on this issue? Oh right, it’s not a liberal issue.)

I wonder if some enterprising businessman will start a new cruise ship business akin to the casino cruise craze. If you’re not aware of it, along our nation’s coasts are cruise ships that will take you out beyond the 12-mile limit into international waters where they open up the gambling halls on board. That’s legal because state’s laws cannot restrict activities taking place that far out.

So why not have smoking cruises? A specially outfitted vessel takes patrons into international waters where they can light up, have a drink, eat a meal, dance the night away, and return home after a full night’s fun. This could work in other coastal cities where similar bans have been enacted, like New York. Sorry you landlocked smoke-banned lubbers living in the interior, but you’ll have to move toward the water to take advantage.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli