Still talking about Talking about Touching

Still talking about Talking about Touching

The National Catholic Register looks at the implementation of a particular “safe environment sex education” program called “Talking about Touching,” a program which they’ve been foisting on children in the Archdiocese of Boston since 2003. I was an early and vocal opponent, writing about it here and in Catholic World Report twice.

Basically, the Archdiocese of Boston and other dioceses claim that they have modified the program to remove explicit description of body parts and “has been aligned with the archdiocese’s religious education curriculum guidelines and the Catechism to allow its principles to be taught in a Catholic catechetical framework.” Forgive me for being skeptical. Trust is a rare commodity that has to be re-earned. But no matter how much lipstick you put on this pig, it is still a pig.

There are basic philosophical problems. On one level, Talking about Touching itself is a problem because it is produced by a group whose genesis was in an ultra-feminist prostitution-legalization group founded by a “Dianic Wiccan priestess”. You can still find traces in it of a sexual morality outlook at odds with the Church’s teachings.

Deeper philosophical problems

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  • Our DRE wrote her own program and claimed that the Diocese/Bishop required families either to attend with their children, or sign a waiver saying they had decided to opt-out.  Total CYA, don’t think the Bishop would have said any such thing, but sheeple will follow her demand and subject their children to this.

    (This is the same DRE who said that children would be denied First Reconciliation/First Communion if their parents didn’t take them to Mass regularly.)

    Needless to say, we opted out.

  • The chastity program for teens is simple.  Rule 1 is: if a bathing suit would cover it, don’t touch it, even through the other person’s clothes.  Why can’t that be all we tell kids?  If someone touches you where a bathing suit would cover, tell Mommy and Daddy.

  • I wasn’t clear.  The teen chastity program is not designed for teens but for adults to teach their teens.  I was agreeing with you, Dom, and saying that you are correct, that is all that needs to be said.

  • When faithful Catholics can discern the evilness of some sexual teaching program and present factual evidence of its teaching, why can’t a well educated mind as an arch-bishop likewise discern the evilness of the program?

    It “boggles” the mind!

  • Have I ever mentioned the merits of a Catholic Homeschooling program on this blog….?

    Mother Seton, Pray for Us!

  • Is the archdiocese’s so called religious ed guidelines in line with the following document from the Congregation for Catholic Education:
    Educational Guidance in Human Love (November 1, 1983)?  I doubt it and it is that document that should be the standard for any program with name like “Talking About Touching.”

  • Dom, Thank you for getting out in front on this issue. A best it’s a trojan horse in the City of God. Am sick of hearing from the promoters of these programs:  “they’re age appropriate” or “it’s not sex ed.” Please keep up the good work…these programs are not as benign as some think. (and brought to you by the same groups who helped to bring on the present crisis…shrinks & lawyers)