Still appearing after all this time

Still appearing after all this time

A year after people began seeing an image of the Virgin Mary in the window of a Milton, Mass., hospital a Boston Globe columnist deried the phenomenon as a hoax perpetrated on the gullible, people are still seeing it and flocking there to pray.

Some of the people are frustrated that the Archdiocese of Boston has not officially recognized it as a miracle. Sorry folks, but the Church does not pass judgment on such things until they’re over, unless there is strong reason to condemn it now. So take the silence as a good thing.

  • I thought the hospital was going to take the window down.

    The Patriot Ledger of Quincy, Mass., said a local contingent of daily worshippers has formed since the first sighting.

    Yikes! Not “worshippers,” folks! Sheesh, that’s the sort of statement that makes the Jack Chick folks quiver with glee!

    Anyway, the hospital didn’t ask me, but I’ve got an idea of what to do with the twelve grand…why not give it to a group that serves others in Our Lady’s name?

    Sancta Maria House on Waltham Street in Boston was the first shelter for women in Boston. Run by the local Legion of Mary, the house has served hundreds, if not thousands, of women for at least two decades without accepting a penny from the city or the church—and without ever holding a fundraiser. It’s an amazing place.