Steubenville Elects Bush

Steubenville Elects Bush

In a National Catholic Register article, Deal Hudson posits that George W. Bush won the election because of my alma mater, Franciscan University of Steubenville. Stick with me on this one because it’s only a little stretch.

Of course Ohio turned out to be the pivotal state this year. Hudson says that the southeast corner of Ohio, where Steubenville is located, used to be a reliably Democrat stronghold, based on the strong union presence in the steel mills and coal mines, but now that the party has become so pro-abortion it has left Catholic Democrats in the region in a quandary. But because of the presence of FUS, Hudson says, the cultural and political climate of the area has changed, not because of outright politicking but because people are more clearly living their Catholicism in their public and private lives.