Steal my work, please

Steal my work, please

You know, it bugs me when people steal your work and when you point it out to them and ask them to rectify it, they accuse you of vanity and greed.

The group Faithful Voice was formed here in Boston as a counterpoint to Voice of the Faithful and they have a web site on which they post all kinds of information about the Scandal and VOTF. It seems that in their enthusiasm, they have ignored a little thing called copyright law. I happened to find a copy of my article about the “Talking about Touching” sex-safety program posted in full on their site. When I pointed out to them that they were violating my copyright, in essence stealing my words by posting them in full, I was told that it would be taken down, that they wouldn’t replace it with a link to the full article here on my site, and they accused me of vanity.

Gee, I’m sorry that I object to you stealing my words for your own use. I advise them to consult an attorney because I suspect that eventually some big company will be sending them a cease-and-desist letter soon enough. And they should consult a priest to become familiar with the sin of stealing.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli