Stay-at-home moms leech off society

Stay-at-home moms leech off society

Ah, the glories of Socialist Europe. A Dutch politician wants to penalize stay-at-home moms with college degrees because by staying at home they are “destroying capital.”

“A highly-educated woman who chooses to stay at home and not to work – that is destruction of capital,” she said in an interview last week. “If you receive the benefit of an expensive education at society’s expense, you should not be allowed to throw away that knowledge unpunished.”

Yeah, because raising children is a selfish exercise that provides no benefit to society. Of course, this is the problem with socialized education since the socialists are then allowed to argue that since the government paid for something, they have a right to demand something in return. Where does this end? “We own you forever! Hahahaha!!”

I wouldn’t want to live or work in Europe for any extended period for all the tea in China.

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  • Ten years ago I started traveling extensively for work. Mostly to various Asian countries but I do make it to Europe too.

    I was surprised during my first trip on how few women I found in management and engineering positions. I had this vision of Europe being more “progressive and liberated”, yet if there is a glass ceiling it is quite low in Europe compared to Europe. In my experience, only Japan has a lower “glass ceiling.”

    The politician’s comment above is more evidence that European women are not respected in their choices and capabilities.

  • “…a future income base upon which to build the financial structure to assist this politician and his cronies when they reach retirement age.”

    Her cronies. Read the linked article to get the real flavor of the idiotic proposal.

  • “I wouldn’t want to live or work in Europe for any extended period for all the tea in China.”

    My feelings exactly, Dom! The more I read about what is happening in Ireland and England, the less they resemble the countries I knew 30+ years ago. And they are far from being the worst in today’s Europe…

    The EU has proved a mixed blessing for many countries.  Some – like Ireland – have benefited economically, but at a price. Individual freedoms and national identities are being eroded by the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels – not to mention the secularist, anti-Christian aura that is becoming pervasive there.

    Thank God for the USA – I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

  • Please let’s not get into the “Mommy Wars”! I’ve written a more detailed response here.
    I am a physician with four children. For a while I did work full time. I used both daycare centers and babysitters at one time or another. One of the greatest compliments anyone ever paid me was to say my children didn’t behave like “daycare” children. As the children got older and our situation changed I left the workforce to be a stay-at-home-mom. The point is, the decision to work or to stay at home by either parent should be respected. Let’s trust every parent to assess the situation in his/her household and make the best decision for his/her family. If the number one priority is truly what is best for the children and family, society will benefit from the decision.

  • Kevin,
    I agree completely. I was just trying to redirect the comments a bit since I was afraid they were heading into that bitter “Mommy Wars” debate. We can sometimes fret over our own choices to the point we must denigrate the choices of others if they differ from ours.

  • The repayment comes in the form of raising children. There is a too literal connection between education and work. Education can also be for the improvement of the people in many other ways as well.

  • Ian, I would agree with you if the Dutch offered a choice in who pays the piper. The Air Force paid for me to go to medical school. It was very clear that I owed them a set time in service. That was my choice to accept this arrangement. If the Dutch do not offer a choice to fund ones own education then how can they now demand repayment? If one does not go to college is one entitled to reimbursement for the costs the government did not spend educating you? Their current situation is not a simple quid quo pro. The information in the article also doesn’t specify if there is an expiration date on the requirement to work. For example, if a woman puts in four years of work is she eligible to opt-out of the work force without penalty?

  • What job is more important than raising children? Quite frankly, I’m stumped.

  • You’re missing the point Jeanne. It’s not a question of whether a woman should choose to stay at home. The point here is that the Dutch politician doesn’t want tthem to make that choice.

    As for Gianna Molla, who cared for her children while she worked? Do you know? Do you know for a fact that she didn’t care for them herself while conducting her medical practice on the side?