St. Blog’s Parish noticed by MSM reporters who gets it wrong

St. Blog’s Parish noticed by MSM reporters who gets it wrong

As usual, when MSM journalists notice blogs they get all the details wrong. He refers to St. Blog’s parish and then says that New York University’s The Revealer site provides the definitive list of Catholic blogs and is keeper of St. Blog’s Parish. Um sorry folks, but St. Blog’s parish far pre-dates the Revealer and there are much better and more comprehensive lists of St. Blog’s members, including Catholic Blogs Directory which lists 731 blogs.

The reporter then makes some weird remark about whether the blogs constitute worship. Does anyone seriously think they do? Very strange.

He also wonders that some Catholic blogs get more than 1,000 visitors daily, which while “not a great number” is “not bad for unadvertised personal cyberpages by Catholics with points of view that they cannot or will not keep to themselves.” Sounds like he’d rather we did keep them to ourselves. In any case, his numbers are way off. Amy Welborn gets something like 8,000 visitors daily (an estimate based on some Web-based metrics.) I know I get about 3,000 daily. Some Catholic bloggers are among the top-visited blogs online, not in the top ten, but in the top 150. Not bad when there are something like several million blogs online.

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Domenico Bettinelli