Spring 2005 Pledge Drive

Spring 2005 Pledge Drive

It’s time once again, folks for the semi-annual Bettnet pledge drive. I was actually going to start this last week, but with the Holy Father’s death, I knew it would be inappopriate. A week’s delay wasn’t going to be a problem.

Last time we did this, I needed your help to upgrade the hard drive on the server and you all responded very generously. That I can continue to do maintain this blog on a daily basis, providing you with an alternative to the mainstream media’s reporting on issues of importance to us is due to your support. I thank you.

If you can donate any amount, I’d appreciate it. After all, what do you pay for your daily paper or your magazine subscriptions or cable TV bill? Maybe you could spend a few bucks for helping you sort through it all to sift out the truth and perhaps entertain you while you’re at it.

This time, I’m informally calling this the Spring 2005 “Help Dom and Melanie pay for the wedding” pledge drive. As you’re aware, we’re getting married this summer and we’re paying for it ourselves. That means we need to dedicate our time and resources to the wedding. It also means that I have new responsibilities to be sure that whatever I’m doing works to the benefit of my new family. Sorry, but that’s the reality.

Thankfully, blogging and your past support have been positives in many different ways, not just the bottom line. I’m sure I can count on your continued support in many different ways.

(N.B. I know some people don’t like to use PayPal. If you’d like to send a check, you can send it to Domenico Bettinelli, 35 Collins St. #31, Danvers, MA 01923)