Spinning the truth

Spinning the truth

Yesterday the Dallas Morning News ran an editorial (on which I blogged) in which it took Bishop Charles Grahmann to task for his seeming complaint that bishops are being required to do background checks for all foreign priests who come to stay in their dioceses for any amount of time: “Do we all have to do this background check for someone who just wants to come in for six weeks?”

Now, Bishop Grahmann’s mouthpiece, Bronson Havard, fires back in the Texas Catholic, the diocesan newspaper, complaining that the DMN intentionally misconstrues the bishop’s meaning. He claims that the bishop was just asking a rhetorical question designed to elicit a a strong response:

at Havard continues to spin and twist the truth in this way. but not so amazing, I guess, when you consider everything that has happened in the Dallas of Diocese under Bishop Grahmann’s tenure. If they think Boston’s Scandal was bad, Dallas ranks a close second.

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  • Like I said Mark, if Grahmann actually had credibility on this matter, if he hadn’t already been caught redhanded failing to look into the background of foreign priests serving in his diocese, I would give him the benefit of the doubt. Even so, the construction of his query is so awkward that while, yes, you could construe he meant it that way, most people would not say it that way. There are more natural constructs for saying what Havard claims the bishop meant.

    As for the “few bucks” comment: We all recognize that priests often use stipends for pocket money, but the way it is thrown out there in such a crass, offhand way seems to belittle the sacrifice of the Mass and the service of priests.  He didn’t have to say it like that.