Special privileges

Special privileges

Gay activists in Massachusetts want to have it both ways (no pun intended, really). Now that they have gay marriage, they want to keep domestic partnership benefits too. Employers are saying they’re not going to continue shelling out cash if gays can get married now. But gay groups now want both options. In fact, rather than having equal benefits as heteros, as they claim, they want more, since heterosexual cohabitating couples don’t qualify for domestic partnership benefits.

And of course why should the fact that you’re having sex with the other person have anything to do with it? Should such benefits apply to friends living together? What about a son living with his mom? For that matter, why does it matter if they’re living together?

What got us into this mess is that some people began to think of employee benefits as rights rather than privileges. Employers offer then as incentives to potential employees. Instead, liberal groups, including gay activists, saw them as entitlements and began demanding equality. And now that they got it, they want more than equality. They want special privileges. It’s never enough, is it?