Speaking jibberish to power

Speaking jibberish to power

What would we do without Jesuit universities? They’re such excellent sources of wackiness and hysteria. Not so good with Catholicism, truth, and morality though.

Today’s case study: Seattle University, where the campus ministry, yes, campus ministry, is sponsoring a “Truth to Power Party.” Nice back-to-the-Sixties hippy, dippy reference. Are there going to be beads and flower children there too. Probably plenty of pot.

Anyway, who is this “Power” in so desparate need of the “Truth”? Why the Catholic Church, of course.

A curveball was thrown at the first gathering on Oct. 7, where the intended topic was a pending document from the Vatican barring gay men from the priesthood. However, that morning, Moriarty discovered a report that the document was not going to completely prohibit gay priests but only put restrictions on their priesthood.

Moriarty hopes that the “Truth to Power Party” will help affirm SU students and their beliefs.

For one thing, it’s not confirmed that it isn’t going to prohibit gay seminarians (not priests). This is all in the “leaked information” stage.

Anyway, if Moriarty really wanted to help the students, rather than affirm them in their okayness and their beliefs, perhaps it would be better not to let them believe that at 19 years old they know everything, and that perhaps a 2,000-year-old institution founded by Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit might have something to teach them.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli