Sox fans in the desert

Sox fans in the desert

You will notice I have said nothing about the World Series until now. I’m a firm believer that a Red Sox fan should never count his chickens before they’re hatched. But I did want to link to this story of loyal Red Sox fans following the game from Iraq. You think it’s bad staying up late every night to see the games here? Try getting up at 3 am to watch the start of the game and then putting in a full day of fighting terrorists afterward. Sox fans may have been in a figurative desert the last 86 years, but these guys are in a real one, protecting you and me and the fledgling democracy of Iraq. If nothing else, I hope the Sox win just to give these guys something to cheer about.

Go Sox! Go US Armed Forces!

Oh, and I have to hand it to Cardinals’ fans. In everything I’ve seen and heard so farf, they have to be the nicest fans in baseball. By now, Red Sox or Yankee fans would be throwing bottles on the field and burning the players and manager in effigy.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli