Sox fans in the desert

Sox fans in the desert

You will notice I have said nothing about the World Series until now. I’m a firm believer that a Red Sox fan should never count his chickens before they’re hatched. But I did want to link to this story of loyal Red Sox fans following the game from Iraq. You think it’s bad staying up late every night to see the games here? Try getting up at 3 am to watch the start of the game and then putting in a full day of fighting terrorists afterward. Sox fans may have been in a figurative desert the last 86 years, but these guys are in a real one, protecting you and me and the fledgling democracy of Iraq. If nothing else, I hope the Sox win just to give these guys something to cheer about.

Go Sox! Go US Armed Forces!

Oh, and I have to hand it to Cardinals’ fans. In everything I’ve seen and heard so farf, they have to be the nicest fans in baseball. By now, Red Sox or Yankee fans would be throwing bottles on the field and burning the players and manager in effigy.

  • Now just a cotten pickin’ minute there, Dom.  (That’s how we talk here in flyover land, just ask candidate John, “Is this where I get me a hunting licence?” Kerry.  You’re assuming that there are no Cardinal fans in Iraq? 

    I’m thinking that if the Cardinals don’t win, their fans in the military will become so depressed that they won’t have the will to fight anymore and the whole effort will go down the drain.

    So, in the interest of National Security and out of respect for the flag, motherhood and apple pie, (also Budweiser), the Sox should knock it off, give in to the curse, and stop pretending to be a better team than they really are.

    By the way, thanks for the kind words about our fans.  They have been called the best in baseball.  Notice the nice hand they gave Edgar Martinez of the Mariners for winning the Roberto Clemente Award.

    It’s ironic that the Cardinals, with their backs against the wall, are going to have draw their inspiration from the Sox, the only team to ever come back from a 3-0 deficit.

  • At least the Cardinals fans have the comfort of recent World Series wins. The Sox fans don’t have even that. And I wonder at the relative numbers of Sox fans vs. Cardinals fans. After all, the Pentagon didn’t bother doing a story about Cardinals fans.

  • “After all, the Pentagon didn’t bother doing a story about Cardinals fans” – part of a VRSC – vast Red Sox conspiracy. We got our backs against the wall, sure. But, like the Sox, we believe.

  • “I wonder at the relative numbers of Sox fans vs. Cardinals fans.”

    You’d be surprised.  Prior to the Giants and Dodgers moving to California in 1958, the Cardinals were the only major league team west of the Mississippi.  The Cardinal radio network extended all the way to the west coast, something like 90 stations in 10 states.  Their flagship station, KMOX, covers a huge portion of the US at night.  Plus, at one time, they employed three future hall-of-fame broadcasters, Harry Carey, Joe Garigiola, and Jack Buck.

    They generally draw in the neighborhood of 3 million fans each year in the number 21 media market.  Bottom line, both teams have a lot of fans.


  • Right now, Jim Rome is on the radio going over the moon about the Sox, but is begging the “chowd’s” not to act like goons if they clinch here in StL or in Boston. I just hope it goes 7 because I love the baseball season and hate to see it end.

    Deacon’s right, folks come from far away to see the Bird’s. It’s nothing to see car tags from N.D/S.D, TN, OK, CO on any given night in StL. during the season.

    Dom, you’re right on about StL being a fan friendly place. If Francona would have pulled Pedro in the middle of the inning he would have been applauded for a good performance. That’s just the way it is here. Heck, even the idiot Bond’s gets props here….

  • You should have been here when Maguire and Sosa were going for the home run title.  It was practically a love-fest.  Whenever a visiting player hits some kind of milestone here, they get a standing ovation.  People here appreciate good baseball.

  • …especially the Yankees…spoiled brats!

    Hey…we’re entitled to gloat a little tonite!!