Sox demolish the Yanks … for now

Sox demolish the Yanks … for now

I know it’s only May and beating the Yankees now offers only emotional rewards… but it feels gooood. The Red Sox demolished a pathetic-looking Yankees team last night 14-3. The Bombers looked pathetic in every phase of the game: pitching, fielding, hitting. Unfortunately, being the Yankees, they’ll be back. As bad as the Red Sox may beat them in May, you just know they’ll be tied in the standings going into the last week of the season with Yankees winning the pennant and the Sox having to take the wild card. Aargh!

(How’s that for some Sox fan fatalism? After such a great win, we can still see defeat on the horizon.)

In any case, the Sox are looking good. It’s one thing to beat teams that you’re supposed to bear—like the hapless Orioles and Devil Rays. What’s important is to also beat the good teams, and if you take two out of three or three out of four from them, you’re well on your way to good things.

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