South Dakota Sioux reverse pro-abortion decision

South Dakota Sioux reverse pro-abortion decision

Earlier this year South Dakota made national headlines when it passed a law that would ban abortion if the US Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade were ever oveturned. In response, the pro-abortion crowd found a willing ally in the tribal president on the Oglala Sioux reservation who said that since the reservation is sovereign from South Dakota, Planned Parenthood would be allowed to open an abortion clinic there to serve the whole state and foil the plans of the pro-lifers. The mainstream media reported the finger-in-the-eye widely and the tribal president, Cecilia Fire Thunder, was widely feted by pro-aborts throughout the country.

What the media hasn’t reported is that Oglala Sioux Tribal Council voted to outlaw abortion on the reservation and suspended Fire Thunder until impeachment proceedings could be brought against her. Bravo to the Oglala Sioux!

In order for their vote banning abortion on the reservation to take effect, a petition by abortion supporters presented to the state seeking a ballot initiative that would put the abortion ban to a vote must first be dealt with. Still, I believe the Oglala Sioux people recognize that abortion is often used as a tool of eugenics to get rid of inconvenient peoples and races. Certainly Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger thought of it that way.

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