Sorry Howie, not yet

Sorry Howie, not yet

I haven’t listened to Boston-based, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Howie Carr since January. Howie is a weird sort of conservative, more like a shock jock than anything. He takes potshots at everybody and everything and does it mostly for the shock value. I knew back in January that with the Scandal breaking, he would be making the most of the opportunity to say blasphemous and offensive things. He justifies it with the proviso that he was born Irish Catholic, even though he routinely rejects Catholic teaching. He once broadcast his vasectomy on air. But his take on local politics was once entertaining enough to make me grit my teeth to get through the offensive stuff. But no more.

So today, after Rush Limbaugh’s show ended, I thought I would listen to Howie to see if he had moved on. There wasn’t much in the news today about the Scandal so I thought it might be easier to listen. His opening was about a story being reported in the National Enquirer that Beltway snipers, John Muhammad and Lee Malvo, were gay lovers. It’s not like the Enquirer is a paragon of journalistic integrity, but it did break some stories during the Clinton years. A version of the story is posted at World Net Daily. I thought it was safe to listen until Howie noted that Muhammad could be termed a pedophile. Uh oh. He then asked whether it was too late for Muhammad to convert again—to Catholicism—and enroll for the fall term in the seminary. Click!

It’s one thing to deal with the Church’s problems in public. It’s another thing to use them for cheap laughs and public ridicule. Sorry Howie. Maybe in another six months. Maybe never.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli