Sorry about the racial bias, here’s your cocaine back

Sorry about the racial bias, here’s your cocaine back

Crime and drug use may be rampant, but we must all pretend that the bigger problem is racial bias. A judge in Massachusetts threw the case against an Hispanic guy—who was caught with 2 pounds of cocaine in his trunk and admitted he was going to sell it—because the judge determined that cops stopped more minority drivers than white drivers. I’m surprised he didn’t order them to give the guy back his cocaine.

Mever mind the fact that crime and drug use is more rampant in Massachusetts in areas where there are more minorities living. I suppose the judge would also order the Boston Police to stop sending more cops to patrol in predominantly minority neighborhoods, even thought there might be more crime there, because that would be racially biased.

Liberal elitists in their ivory towers see everything so clearly, don’t they? The facts are not important, just their hallowed principles based on straw-man arguments.

The cops stopped the car because it was violating a little known traffic law. They saw drugs in plain sight in the car and then searched the trunk where they found the coke. But because the cops searched more cars driven by minorities than whites, they were clearly racist. Except we aren’t told how many of those cars actually had contraband in them.

Now when we arrest al-Quaida terrorists at airports, they can claim they were racially profiled because they’re Islamic Arabs. Here’s your boxcutter back, and have a nice day.

They say it’s a victory for equal protection. No, it’s more protection ... for criminals.