Sony’s blasphemous ad

Sony’s blasphemous ad

image I suppose ad agencies do this kind of thing so that their ads will get further play from the media. Anyway, Sony has ceased running their ad in Italian newspapers that showed a video game player wearing a crown of thorns, with the thorns in the shape of the squares, crosses, triangles, and circles of the Playstation’s signature game controller. The ad was titled, “Ten years of passion,” recalling the 10th anniversary of the Playstation.

Ha, ha, ho, ho, my sides are aching. So funny. So clever. Nobody’s ever mocked Jesus Christ before or slandered his Passion. It’s just so shocking and original. Not.

The ad was slammed by prominent figures of the Roman Catholic Church within hours of appearing in Italian newspapers and magazines.

Italian Cardinal Ersilio Tonini was among the first to speak out, calling it “an irreverent mockery”.

“The advertisement displays a lack of taste which conceals a lack of respect. Kids shouldn’t be induced into believing that the passion of Christ is a game,” Tonini was quoted as saying on Friday.

The ad was also slammed by Catholic politicians, with one conservative lawmaker dismissing it as “nearly blasphemous”.


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