Some “new dad” thoughts

Some “new dad” thoughts

If they call it a “Diaper Genie,” how come it doesn’t make the diapers disappear? What we really need is a “Diaper Incinerator 3000, now with nuclear power!” Actually, what I’d really like is for one of those flashing-red warning lights and a siren that goes off when I open it and it intones, “Warning: Hazardous Waste exposure.” Although I suppose at 3 am, it wouldn’t be quite so fun.

And for such a little girl, how does she produce so many dirty diapers. Is she retaining any of that milk for herself or is passing through like you-know-what through a goose?

Of course, I shouldn’t complain. My brother has been changing diapers for nearly the past 14 years, with only a brief couple of months between the potty training of one and the arrival of the next. (Was that between JohnPaul and Domenic or Domenic and Catherine? I can’t keep track.)

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