Some more thoughts

Some more thoughts

I have a few more thoughts upon further reflection.

First, I don’t if I can get used to winning so much: The Patriots won the Super Bowl this year, the Sox beat the Yankees to knock them out of the playoffs, then they won the World Series for the first time in 86 years, and now George W. Bush beats John Kerry by a significant margin. If only the Patriots had beat the Steelers last weekend, I’d be floating on air.

Of course, I don’t count this as an unqualified win. I’ll be waiting to see whether the Republicans actually act like they won, and not just by a little, but expanding their margins in Congress. I don’t want to see another four years of pandering to the left with execrable liberal spending programs. Already the Democrats are calling for Republicans to act like they lost and “become uniters, not dividers,” i.e. give the Democrats all they want despite their losses.

And while marriage referenda passed by huge margins in all of the 11 states where they were offered, California pledged $3 billion for the murder of unborn children so their stem cells can be harvested to treat sick celebrities.

Like Dale Price, I think this was a significant election for the Catholic vote. Although Catholics voted exactly like the rest of the country (51-48), it’s heartening to see that they didn’t go bonkers like they did with John Kennedy when Catholics voted for him with 80 percent of the vote. One thing we learned was that there is a lot of education needed for Catholics on their civic responsibilities. So how long before Cardinal McCarrick’s commission finally issues its document on pro-abortion Catholic politicians? I’m holding my breath.

Oh, and not to say I told you so, .... okay, I told you so. I had predicted that Bush would win, that it wouldn’t be as close as people were saying it would be, and yesterday I was telling my brother-in-law that if Bush won Ohio he would win it all.

Finally, I’m so glad to see John Kerry, Mr. Political Opportunism himself, go down to defeat. Unfortunately, America’s gain is Massachusetts’ loss: we have him as Senator for four more years.