Some changes around here

Some changes around here

Blogging may become less frequent over the next month or so. In addition to moving at the end of the month (which will include the web server being physically moved to a new location and thus the whole site being unavailable for some amount of time), I will also be starting a part-time job. I am the new director of religious education at my parish, so I will have to invest some time in getting on my feet and getting started there. I won’t completely stop blogging, but there may be days when I just don’t have time to post, so please bear with me. And your prayers that I will do a good job as DRE will be appreciated.

  • Congratulations, Dom! Good choice by the parish. Now I will know that there’s at least one orthodox DRE out there…

  • Wonderful! May you have the wisdom to endure politics successfullly and the grace to bring others Jesus Christ in every way that he’d have.
    Keep us posted on how it goes.  BTW if you ever know of other Catholic Ministers who blog esp on ministry in parish life, let me know. It’s quite a trip behind the scenes!
    What age groups are you responsible for?

  • Thanks Jen. I don’t think I’ll have to deal with too much politics, since there’s no other professional staff. I’m responsible for all age groups! From baptism to adult ed. Obviously, I’m not going to be able to do everything myself from the beginning, so I’ll be easing into it.

  • No politics?  What kind of crazy church are you working for?  If that turns out to be true, I will be green with envy!! 

    Hey if you need a copy of Tony Baloney’s “If You Love the Father” song, I just got it off of Ebay!!  I’d be happy to email it to you! 

    All kidding aside, I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job!  Congratulations!

  • Congrats Mr. Bettinelli….I know that you will affect a postive change in your parish…God Speed.


  • Congrats and boy will it be great to have a male DRE around here. Let us know what kind of curriculum and curriculum materials you are using. Maybe you can set them straight when you interact with the RCAB DRE meetings. If I lived closer and you were DRE in my parish DRE I’d put my kids back into parish CCD.

    Good luck moving… you never realize the stuff you accumulate until you gotta move it. Especially books. Very heavy!

  • The nuns taught the children in this parish for many years.  We didn’t need a male DRE than and we don’t need one now.  Our current one is doing fine.  Sounds like male chauvinism. 

  • Sounds like female chauvinism to me. Who said anything about the male/female thing until you brought it up. Who says a man can’t teach the faith to children? Or are you a sexist bigot?

    Oh, and when was the last time a nun taught the children of Immaculate Conception Parish? Decades?

    Finally, the change was agreed to by all parties involved as being in the best interests of everyone involved. If you have a problem with it, take it up with MaryLou and Father Murphy rather than posting anonymously on the Internet.

    There’s always one in every crowd.

    Update: Seems my anonymous critic didn’t bother to even sign up with his real email address, never mind a real name. Anonymous sniping. How courageous.