Soldiers die, liberal columnists and pundits prosper

Soldiers die, liberal columnists and pundits prosper

Yet another liberal columnist quotes yet another liberal activist who complains that while soldiers are dying, CEOs of defense contractors are prospering.After talking about the death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan, they compare the salaries of typical soldiers to the salaries of typical CEOs. Horrors! Look at the difference. Who could have imagined there’d be a difference.

The whole thing is deeply cynical because it pitches two unrelated matters into one container. I could just as easily say that while soldiers die, liberal columnists prosper. After all, isn’t this columnist, Derrick Jackson, being paid to write this column in which he uses the specter of dead soldiers as a cudgel against “war profiteers”? Or I could write that while soldiers die, liberal activists prosper. Aren’t the Institute for Policy Studies and United for a Fair Economy, two liberal groups that produced the study on which Jackson is basing his column, profiting from these soldiers’ deaths? They wave the bloody flag and donors fill their coffers.

“Did this surprise us? No, because we’ve been watching since Sept. 11,” said Betsy Leondar-Wright, communications director for United for a Fair Economy. ``While the rest of us were worrying about terrorism and mourning the people who died, the CEOs were maneuvering their companies to take advantage of fear and changing oil supply, not just for competition but for personal enrichment.”

Yeah, it couldn’t be that these companies are actually providing the means by which our military and law enforcement keep us safe from terrorism and hostile foreign powers. Can you imagine how they would react to the CEOs salaries if we weren’t at war? What would they blame it on then? Greedy contractors padding their pockets at the expense of the poor?

Where is the opprobrium for liberal CEOs who make millions of dollars? What about all those dot-com billionaires in California who fund all the liberal ballot initiatives? Ah, but they’re using their money in liberal-approved ways.

The hypocrisy is stunning.

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