So why should we vote for him?

So why should we vote for him?

Read “Best of the Web Today”. I have yet to have anyone convince me that they will vote FOR Kerry because they believe in him. Instead, all I hear are reasons why people are voting AGAINST Bush. And the people quoted in there are the professional pundits, people you’d expect to have some understanding of why Kerry is supposed to be better.

Instead, we have the irrational hatred of Bush causing them to “hold their noses” and pull the lever for Kerry. Do they really think that there’s enough hatred of Bush out there to propel Kerry to victory? I know I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think it’s going to be close. I think Bush will win and all these polls will be shown to be wrong.

But then I’m predicting the Red Sox will win the World Series, so what do I know?

  • I have the same feeling, fueled by seeing traditional Democrat constituencies supporting President Bush – Police, Firefighters and even Teamsters!

    Yes, I know it’s not all of them, but I’m impressed with the number of formerly dyed-in-the-wool Democrats who see through Kerry and will vote for the strength, conviction and faith they see in President Bush.

    I think many are quiet about their support – in order to avoid acrimonious controversy. But I have a feeling (and a hope…) that when the chips are down and in the anonymity of the voting booth – a majority of people will do the right thing.


  • Why Kerry? Here are excerpts from a speech of Fr Ardis (excerpts only no space for entire speech)
    —Being attentive to the many ways that Paulist Center members live out their faith, I am able to see how the faith life of our church is lived out in the work that John Kerry does as our U.S. Senator. The values of faith and family, strength and service, responsibility and opportunity for all that John Kerry outlines in his speeches and that are found in his voting record reflect his deep and ongoing faith as a Catholic. John Kerryying President Bush doesn’t understand that global warming means stronger hurricanes.

    The billboards, showing a satellite image of a menacing hurricane off the state’s coast, come as many in central Florida are recovering from the state’s worst hurricane season in generations.

    The billboards say: “Global warming equals worse hurricanes. George Bush just doesn’t get it.”

    And I thought all the hot air was coming from the left.