So which is it?

So which is it?

A number of bloggers have now referenced Archbishop William Levada’s homily at Rome’s North American College seminary on Sunday in which he spoke about gay priests. It’s interesting to see how different people understand what he said differently. Some praise him for speaking candidly about the problem of gay priests, while others criticize him for saying there’s nothing wrong with gay priests. How could they take two such different viewpoints from the same homily?

Part of the problem may lie in the Catholic News Service article itself. It spends a lot of time describing and paraphrasing Levada, but we don’t get much of the actual text of the homily, leaving us with the reporter’s interpretation.

He is described as saying that “one of the more immediate challenges facing seminaries” is implementation of the Instruction on gay seminarians promulgated last year. He is reported to have said some non-descript and unsurprising things leading up to the most controversial point: “The doctrinal chief said he wanted to look specifically at ‘the situation of the gay priest who announces his homosexuality publicly, a few examples of which we have recently heard reported’ in reaction to the Vatican document.”

The gay priest who outs himself

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