So much for retiring in disgrace

So much for retiring in disgrace


You know when you’re forced to retire after it’s revealed that you misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars to give it to your gay lover, you’d think you’d have enough shame not to set up your own web site. But that’s not Archbishop Weakland, is it?

When will Paul Shanley’s web site go up? Oh that’s right, too, the Dallas charter doesn’t apply to bishops. And that’s why you can have Weakland and other disgraced bishops engaging in other ministries, like performing Confirmations or even just presenting themselves in public as priests, something ordinary accused priests can’t do.

The rules are different for those who make the rules.


Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • Dom:

    Don’t you understand that he needs to voice his opinion? grin

    I read some of the trash on his site, particularly the Commonweal article of which he is so proud.  And there’s the review of one of Dan Browns’s books.

    A fine example of humility and repentance, yes?

  • Todd
    Were you gone when Cardinal Law went “ocean hopping” to ask the Holy Father to let him resign? And the Holy Father said no?

    While we all know Cardinal Law made a terrible judgement call, but Weakland (does anyone else but me find his name slightly hilarious, if not prophetic?) actively works against the Church propagating heterodox on a regular occasion, not to mention his “extracurricular activities”.

  • Shanley is not dead and has not been convicted yet. You’re thinking of Geoghan.

    And that different rules apply to those who make the rules was my original point. Sex abuse is sex abuse and as so many were quick to point out, a priest having a sexual relationship is by definition abuse of his office.

  • I remember Weakland saying when he resigned that he would spend the rest of his life trying to repay his debt to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee…..if his “fans” go to his site and read his articles and spend money on Commonweal or whatever and money goes right back to the Archdiocese that he took money from, I don’t really see any problem Weakland trying to commercialize himself.  Tasteful or not, he has the right to say whatever he darn pleases.