So far so good

So far so good

Bishop Lennon is doing a good job so far. His words at Mass on Sunday struck the right tone of humility and confidence and hope. And venturing out to speak with the protesters was also a good way to show that something is happening. I think the criticism of him having Msgr. Foster concelebrate Mass is overwrought. Foster was investigated—twice—and the claims rejected—including once by a judge—despite what the Boston Herald thinks it dredged up.

This gave me the willies:

    Donations to the Cardinal’s Appeal, which have been drastically reduced in the scandal, could improve with Law’s departure. “The man who’s been in charge of the Cardinal’s Appeal says he has a whole file filled with letters of people who say they’re going to give as soon as the cardinal resigns,” Coyne said. “So he’s going to start sending out some follow-up letters.”

I suppose it makes sense, but it just sounds bad. It sounds like he’s saying to potential donors: “Okay fine, we got rid of him, can we have our money now?”

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Domenico Bettinelli