Snow Day!

Snow Day!

Must. Buy. Snowblower.

Can a blizzard that comes in the fourth year of the century prudently be called the “storm of the century”? Whether it is prudent or not, that’s what they’re calling it on TV. I’ve been digging since 8 am and so far have cleared my front walk, sidewalk, and the fire hydrant out front. (Very important safety precaution). The garage is below ground under the house and since Paul’s truck is in there and he’s in Hawaii—let’s just say I’ll leave him something so that he can feel like he experienced the blizzard too.

We have about 25 inches by my unscientific measurement, but that doesn’t tell half the story. With a blizzard, the wind blows the snow around pretty hard so that some areas, like the front door step, are practically clear of snow, but other areas, like the back door, have a 3 or 4 foot snow drift. And then when the plows come by, they push all the snow from the street on top of the snow in front of your house and driveway. Here are some pictures. This first one is me standing on the sidewalk with a 3-foot snowbank behind me. It’s hard to make out because of the overwhelming whiteness of it all.

This picture of the fire hydrant hafl-unburied gives a better perspective of the amount of snow.

And this one shows the long stretch of sidewalk. Ugh, my aching back.

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