SNAP playing for the media in front of a church near you this weekend

SNAP playing for the media in front of a church near you this weekend

I’ve just received notice that SNAP (Survivor’s Network of those Abused by Priests) is planning a publicity stunt this weekend in front of churches, cathedrals, and chanceries this weekend to mark 5 years since the Boston Globe started unraveling the Scandal in Boston. For SNAP it’s obviously all about the media (from their email announcement):

A series of small 1/2 hour vigils in cities across the country on one day

Sunday, Jan. 7th. (The first Globe story ran on the 6th, but this year, the 6th is a Saturday, and for a variety of reasons, Sunday’s a much better day for media coverage.)

(If Sunday absolutely does NOT work for you, Saturday’s OK too.)

Generally, late morning/early afternoon is ideal, at or shortly after 11:00 a.m. local time. Any time before 8 p.m. is OK though.

(If you’re inviting others to join you - and we hope you’ll do that - you should just pick the time when more people are available.)

There are three possibilities, listed here in order of our preference (designed, largely, to increase chances of media coverage).

First, outside a Catholic cathedral.

Second, outside a Catholic church as close as possible to a downtown area. (This minimizes travel time for media, which is important on a weekend where most outlets have skeletal crews working)

Third, outside a chancery office.

Their hope, as they outline in their email, is to get the reporters to accost Catholics coming out of Mass: “A vigil can, and should be, very simple: basically a couple of people standing on a sidewalk. They can hold signs, childhood photos, and/or candles. Frankly, it’s not so important WHAT actually happens. What matters is that SOMETHING happens, in a large number of cities on the same day with the same general theme. That’s what will bring the media attention.”

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