Smiling with baby

Smiling with baby

Nothing could be finer than seeing how much the mother of your daughter loves her. One of the first great lessons of parenthood is that love knows no limits and that you can love two people completely with all your heart and still have room for more.

I’ve never that I can recall spent so much time smiling as I have in hte past few weeks. I must spend a total of a couple of hours a day just grinning goofily at my daughter.

Smiles and coos are Bella’s primary means of communication right now and most changing table sessions end in a long smiling contest with lots of oohing and ahing and a few delighted squeals. She’s really getting quite verbose, stringing together long and complex series of vocalizations. My favorite is a very breathy little coo, almost too faint to be heard. Or maybe it’s the big, gummy wide mouthed smile that takes over her whole face and always seems to come with a little shake of the head as if her face weren’t enough to hold the joy but it has to become a motion of her entire head.

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