Smackdown on St. Joan’s parish

Smackdown on St. Joan’s parish

The infamous St. Joan’s parish in the St. Paul-Minneapolis archdiocese has received a reprimand, not only from the archdiocese, but from the Vatican. The parish has been ordered to remove Gay Pride materal from its web site and to stop having laypeople give homilies.

I’m glad to see some action being taken, but I have two questions. First, why did it take an order from the Vatican to get this done? It’s not like Archbishop Flynn was not aware of what’s going on there, so why didn’t he do this on his own? Second, why is Fr. Wertin still pastor there? He is obviously teaching heresy and leading his people astray. He should be pulled from the parish and told he will not receive any assignment so long as he does not repent of his heterodoxy. Maybe some time in a nice orthodox monastery would do him some good.

The people of St. Joan’s parish have a right to the Truth and their archbishop has a duty to ensure they get it. How long must they wait for it?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli