Site announcement

Site announcement

I’m going to make plain what is probably already apparent to many of you. My ability to post a great variety of blog entries along with insightful and cogent analysis is going to be impaired for the next six weeks and perhaps a little longer.

Between now and August 13, I’m going to be spending a lot of time and effort on preparing for my wedding, moving, and doing my two jobs.

I’ve already begun the process of moving my stuff into Melanie’s apartment. Right now, my office is located there so that I’m spending almost all my time there (here) from about 9 am to about 11 pm. Go back to my old place, sleep, wake, shower, repeat. In some ways it’s almost like we’re already living together, especially since we’re both in the house during the day.

Anyway, after August 13, there will be no blogging at all for about a week and then hopefully we’ll return to a more normal schedule. That doesn’t mean that I’m going on hiatus. I’m just saying that I may not post as much every day as I used to, at least for a while.