Silver linings?

Silver linings?

It’s probably a sign of how much I don’t fit in Massachusetts that not a single candidate or position I voted for won, except for two relatively inconsequential ballot questions (#2 & 3). The Republican Party in Massachusetts has lost even more of what little ground it held in the Legislature, 3 seats 27 it had, which doesn’t bug me much since the party is fairly moribund and had mainly ceased to represent my political views. Massachusetts, more than any other state at any time since the Civil War, is now a one-party state. God help us.

Nationally, the GOP lost control of Congress, and again I’m somewhat disturbed by that, considering all the committee chairmanships that are about to switch hands. But I would be more worried if I thought the Democrats had any governing principles with which to implement a political strategy. But they have no strategy because their entire platform this election mainly seemed to consist of “We’re not those guys” and “We hate George W. Bush.” I can’t wait for the first impeachment proposal. Wait until America realizes what she’s done. I expect 2006 is going to be a big set-up for 2008. I just hope that having a Democrat-controlled Congress doesn’t so weaken our national defense that we become vulnerable to attack.

I hope that this result is a wake-up call to Republicans. The reason they lost their majority is because they left their base. For example, many of the Republican losers were pro-abortion. The GOP became just a corrupt, big-spending clone of the Democrats and forgot what they were there for in the first place. Maybe this will mean that the ineffective leadership of the party will be replaced with some new blood and we can return to the Reagan conservatism that won the Cold War, brought hope to America, and became the basis for the revving economy of today.

Looking at individual races, I’m disappointed that Sen. Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania lost. Despite his wobble with regard to Arlen Spectre (an endorsement I suspect he regrets now), he was a staunch ally in the Senate. I’m happy to see that my friend, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska won his seat and will continue in Congress.

Ballot questions across the country was a mixed bag as well. Arizona defeated a “defense of marriage” amendment, while Colorado approved one and didn’t set up civil unions. “Defense of marriage” questions also won in Indaho, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, South Dakota defeated the ban on abortions and California defeated the parental notification for underage girls seeking abortions. Disappointingly, Missouri also approved the human cloning/embryonic stem cell amendment, as well.

There is much work to be done in America. Traditional values took a big hit yesterday and we have to stop the slide.

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Domenico Bettinelli