Silenced again

Silenced again

Fr. Rob Johansen has been silenced by his bishop once again. Since the only thing he has written since coming back from his last sojourn into “the gulag” was his impressions of Latin in the Mass and the opposition to it by a certain “aging hippie set” we can infer that this is somehow the reason.

I appplaud Fr. Rob for his obedience. Being a priest is certainly a very difficult vocation, carrying with it the vow of obedience that can become a burden and injustice in certain cases. I have seen far too many good and holy priests silenced for speaking out for Jesus Christ and saying things that may be unpopular, but are necessary in any case. Some names that come to mind: Fr. Fessio, Fr. Sibley, Fr.  Johansen, and several others I can’t mention unless I want to get them in more trouble.

Meanwhile, dissident and disobedient priests continue to trot themselves before television cameras, confident in the knowledge that no censure is coming and that were it to come in any case, they would likely disobey anyway.

I hope that Fr. Rob and his bishop are able to resolve this problem in the near future. The last thing the Church needs now is for orthodox priests to be silent while the public only sees and hears from priests who are either sex abuse perverts or heterodox shills.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli