Shift on gay adoptions in Boston

Shift on gay adoptions in Boston

Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has backed off his claim that he doesn’t authority to grant adoption exemptions to Catholic Charities. A day after the state’s Catholic bishops issued a statement asking for the exemption from a law requiring them to allow gay adoptions, Romney is now saying:

‘We respect and honor the free practice of religion, and we look forward to meeting with representatives from the Catholic Church to discuss this issue.”

Meanwhile, three members of the board of Boston Catholic Charities apparently couldn’t stand the idea of the Church actually living by her teachings and resigned from the board instead. The article doesn’t say who those board members are.

This would also seem to indicate that rumors that the Catholic Charities board would buck Archbishop Sean O’Malley on this are not true. However, the board did say in a statement that it “recognizes the need for further discussion with the archbishop.”

What’s not clear is whether until the exemption comes through, if a gay couple walks through the doors of Catholic Charities today, will they be allowed to adopt a child?

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  • I was thinking about this also, we have to remember that maybe Catholic families need to open ourselves more to the idea of adopting children from Catholic Charities even if we already might have biological children of their own.

    As much as I don’t approve of gay couples adopting, we have a duty also to make sure these children aren’t shuffled around and lost through the cracks. We can’t shame and blame gay people, for providing home, when we don’t.

  • The homosexual community is very well organized, and I can only guess with no evidence on hand maybe they had an e-mail campaign with these former board members. I don’t fear being called a bigot or full of hate or that I discriminate. The bond between male and female is unique, and even if procreation isn’t always the result from sexual intercourse, the unifying aspect of sexual intercourse allows us show God’s love to each other and foster the enviroment to let children grow.

    Maybe isntead of getting these wishy-washy board members, we can have a stronger board that will lead Catholic Charities and Catholics to better works rather then playing politics. Prayers, and Thank You Cardinal-Elect O’Malley and the other bishops for standing up for outward sign of God’s love, in which on a man and a woman can create a child and be unified through sexual intercourse. It is proper to permanently place a child in an environment where there is a father and mother to represent both elements in how the child was created.