Shanley found guilty

Shanley found guilty

Paul Shanley has been found guilty. Shanley is symbolic of the Boston Scandal because it was the discovery process in his case that brought out many of the documents that revealed the extent of the problem.

The conviction was never a sure thing either, especially after two of the three accusers were dropped from the case. Of course, there will be appeals, but I suspect that the Shanley case is, for all intents and purposes, history.

  • I almost suspect that Shanely’s lawyer threw the case. All he had to do was tell the jury that the victim was undoubtedly abused, but not by Shanley, that his trauma focused on Shanley because Shanley’s name and picture were all over the papers. Instead the lawyer attacked an obviously distressed victim, alienating the jury.

    Shanley is however guilty of many other crimes,  and I hope he enjoys his stay in jail (it will I believe be the one in which Geoghan was murdered).

  • Lee is right. With Shanley put away we can all congratulate ourselves that the problem is behind us because we nailed a “child abuser” – but in fact the problem is homosexuals (like the bathroom onanist/liturgist in Texas).


  • Significence of the Shanley Conviction

    The conviction of defrocked priest Paul Shanley is significant in a number of ways:

    1. The victim was BELIEVED over the priest who told him he’d NEVER be believed.

    2. The DEFENSE failed, and failed miserably, in its attempt to paint the accuser as someone who was simply out for the money.

    3. It gave credibility and set a precedent for RECOVERED MEMORY.

    4. It pointed out the importance of the MA law which STOPPED THE CLOCK on Shanley and allowed for his prosecution.

    5. By again making Cardinal Bernard Law’s deposition public alone with all the previously confidential records and letters about, to and from Shanley the corruption, collusion and conspiracy of the Archdiocese of Boston is laid out for the scandal it is.

    6. It points out that the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church must be held accountable for their abuse of power and callous disregard for those sexually abused by these men.

    7. It is a CALL TO ARMS to catholics, indeed to all who are concerned about the exploitation of children, to lobby for the ELIMINATION of statutes of limitation regarding crimes of sexual abuse of children. CHANGE THE LAWS!

    8. Hold the bishops, the USCCB and the STATE CATHOLIC CONFERENCES accountable for what they say the believe.

    They should lobby aggressively to ELIMINATE STATUTES OF LIMITATION in regard to the sexual abuse of children!

    I have no doubt that there will be additional significant repercussions as a result of the criminal conviction of Paul Shanley.

    I hope and pray that his victim/survivors can find some little peace in this application of justice.

    And my God have mercy on his soul.

    Sister M. Immaculata Dunn