Shanley case developments

Shanley case developments

Prosecutors in the Paul Shanley case may drop the lead accuser. Greg Ford has been the primary face of Shanley’s alleged victims, but now the papers are saying that prosecutors aren’t going to use his case, but concentrate on two others instead. Ford’s father says it’s because of complicated medical records, but more likely it’s due to contradictory statements from Ford about when he remembered being abused.

The whole recovered memory thing bugs me, not because I don’t believe it’s true, but because the imagination is a powerful thing and it’s too easy for what we think is true to become fact in our minds. I’m not saying that’s the case with Ford, but I hate to see prosecutors rely too much on it and endanger their case. I see they’re not doing that here, yet I hope they haven’t damaged their ability to put a dangerous abuser off the streets, if that is indeed what Shanley is.