Self-appointed watchdogs against the Church

Self-appointed watchdogs against the Church

An outside group of self-selected child abuse experts wants the Archdiocese of Boston to accept them as an independent oversight board. The archdiocese says thanks, but no thanks because the group would be redundant.

And redundant it would be since there are already two sex abuse review boards, staffed with lay volunteers. But those boards have been criticized because the archdiocese requires all of the members to be Catholics in full communion with the Church. Oh excuse me for wanting to clean up our own house.

What we don’t need is a series of outside non-Catholic groups who demand control over the Church. We don’t need to crack open the door to external control over the Church. This new self-appointed board even wants access to confidential records!

The archdiocesan spokesman said this group has no canonical standing and no right to access any Church documents.

That should be enough for the busybodies, but it won’t be. They’ll be back.

Update: Link fixed.