Seems like we’ve heard this song before

Seems like we’ve heard this song before

Listen to this scenario and see if it sounds familiar: the head of the National Review Board appointed by the USCCBureaucracy says in public that a certain bishop is being obstructionist and secretive and generally acting like a zip-lipped mafioso and that his brother bishops should act to correct him. Within weeks, the NRB chairman is gone.

Am I talking about Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz and Patricia O’Donnell Ewers. Nope.

How about former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating and Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles back in 2003? Keating didn’t use Mahony’s name—unlike Ewers who used Bruskewitz’s—but Mahony is almost certainly guilty of obstructing and covering up a big mess in LA, while Bruskewitz’s diocese is clean as a whistle. Yet it was Keating who was ousted for his temerity. What fate do you think awaits Ewers?

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