Seems like we’ve heard this song before

Seems like we’ve heard this song before

Listen to this scenario and see if it sounds familiar: the head of the National Review Board appointed by the USCCBureaucracy says in public that a certain bishop is being obstructionist and secretive and generally acting like a zip-lipped mafioso and that his brother bishops should act to correct him. Within weeks, the NRB chairman is gone.

Am I talking about Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz and Patricia O’Donnell Ewers. Nope.

How about former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating and Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles back in 2003? Keating didn’t use Mahony’s name—unlike Ewers who used Bruskewitz’s—but Mahony is almost certainly guilty of obstructing and covering up a big mess in LA, while Bruskewitz’s diocese is clean as a whistle. Yet it was Keating who was ousted for his temerity. What fate do you think awaits Ewers?

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • A nice long cushy term, and more if she wants.


    But I know that you know that that’s a rhetorical question . . .

    P.S. did you mean to say “Patrician”? As in attitude? ;^)

  • Dom, There is a vast difference between situations. Let me give you a little background on Keating. He was at the time Governor of Oklahoma when he was appointed head of the Review Board. Also in Oklahoma is Andrew Greeley’s Biographer. She is a professor of religion at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, a state University and she came in with great fanfare on Keating’s watch. Her name: Ingrid Shafer. She is promoting what is known as syncretism (although she says it is not syncretism.) Syncretism is to get everyone in the US to believe the same thing. (cf 1 and 2 Maccabees). She is one of the people behind Call to Action, VOTF etc. If you read her words and read Walter Cuenin’s words in the New Yorker article about Cuenin in 2002, you will see they are virtually identical.

    Shafer worked with Leonard Swidler on the Constitution of the Catholic Church that is VOTF’s standing document. She is also the woman behind the Association for Rights in the Catholic Church.

    This does not connect her with Keating directly. However, if you watched Keating at that time, he also promoted her ideas and did so at Regis College.

    I got an e-mail forwarded to me that was sent to all the major players behind the scenes promoting the VOTF agenda: Mary Jo Bane, Faculty members at the Weston School of Theology people over at BC and VOTF, etc. Also on the list was an address that when I checked it out I found it to be then former Gov Keating’s. Now understand this e-mail was not sent to people like, well you, who had a more balanced approached to the crisis, but all those in the VOTF camp. Further, you and I know that you can have a hard edge that will not softball coverage on the Church. So, if they were interested in objective coverage, they would have sent this to more objective players.

    Keating appears to me to be well entrenched in Ingrid Shafer’s web (If you go to her website and do a rollover on her picture she turns into a spider.)

    Regardless of what you think of Mahony, I still would not trust Keating in light of his involvement with those in Shafer’s Lair. I stand with Brusckewicz on this one too.

  • I think the evidence connecting Shafer to Keating is a little flimsy. Anyone can include you on an email distribution list. It doesn’t make you a part of their group. I think Keating was a bit naive as well, thinking that there only two sides to the equation: bad bishops and good reformers.

    To be hones, I’m not sure I understood everything you wrote nor that you understood my point.

  • John,
    Trust me I am quite familiar with antics of a certain one Andrew Greeley: I contacted Mr. Warden (Then editor of the Chicago Lawyer) about his statements below, in fact. He affirms them: 

    “Before we did [‘The Plot to Get Cody’],” Warden remembered years later, “we did a story on a guy named Frank Wallace who had been falsely accused of being a Nazi, and the undertone of that coverage was how could the Anti-defamation League so influence the federal prosecutor’s office that they would go off on a tangent like this and do something stupid, like charge this poor innocent man and ruin his life? Which is what they did. And so I had sort of viewed this the same way. Can Andrew Greeley walk into the federal prosecutor’s office and can Andrew Greeley orchestrate this scenario that can get the U.S. attorney’s office to investigate the cardinal archbishop of Chicago? And the answer, to my astonishment, is yes. There were enough steps in furtherance of what he called a conspiracy and a plot.”

    (from The Many Faces of Cardinal Bernadin by E. Michael Jones

    Shafer takes on a whole new light in light of this article.

    It is her job by the way to point out that personal notes written by Greeley indicating a plot about the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago being run out of office through a financial scandal and later the actual story of Cardinal Cody who was Archbishop of Chicago run out of office through a financial scandal are uniquely coincidental events. The actual story was then followed, by the way, by the publication of Greeley’s first novel about running out the Cardinal Archbishop of Chicago through a financial scandal.