School says pro-gay ed is mandated

School says pro-gay ed is mandated

Yet another reason to homeschool your children… at least until the government tells you that you have no right to.

“Public School Argues in Court it is Mandated to Provide Pro-Gay Ed and Parents Have No Right to Object”

At a hearing last week, Lexington (Massachusetts) public school officials argued in court that public schools have a mandate to teach positively about homosexuality and that parents have no right to have their children exempted from such instruction.  A parent’s only option is to withdraw their children completely from public school, lawyers argued.

This is part of the David Parker case. Parker was arrested while protesting that his son’s school was engaging in homosexual indoctrination while failing to notify parents and provide an opt-out as mandated by state law.

Mass Resistance, a group which supports parents rights in the state, reports that Lexington school officials argued in court that schools have a “legitimate state interest” – in fact a mandate – to teach what they call “diversity”, which includes normalizing same-sex romantic relationships in the minds of elementary school children. The state must fight “discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation” in ways that “do not perpetuate stereotypes,” the lawyers argued.

The school brought up various Massachusetts Department of Education curriculum frameworks as well as the assertion that same-sex marriage is “legal” in Massachusetts.

Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance explained that the second major point argued by the school representatives was that parents have no right to control what ideas the schools present to children, even elementary school children. Parents’ only legitimate option, the lawyers for the school system argued, is to take their children out of the public school system.  “Once I have elected to send my child to public school, my fundamental right does not allow me to direct what my child is exposed to in the public school,” the lawyer said.

We’re getting close to a point in which no Catholic parent should, in good conscience, send their child to a public school. This is fairly typical liberal thinking in which the Nanny State tells us what to think and believe and how to live our lives, right down to the minutest detail. For all their vaunted defenses of civil liberties, in the end the liberal establishment only cares about promotion of its pet ideologies.

This is the natural consequence of an ideology that believes that “it takes a village to raise a child,” not in the Catholic sense that the village nurtures and protects and creates an environment for the family to do the right, but in which the village takes charge of the individual and decides what each individual should and should not believe and do. In this mindset, it’s only natural for government officials to indoctrinate children into a mindset that the bureaucrats believe is good even against the wishes of the parents. The good of society—and especially the favored minorities in society—outweigh the rights of families and individuals.

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Domenico Bettinelli