Scary rainbows

Scary rainbows

  • My focus is on doing the Will of God thru his Grace by Prayer and Fasting(when I do it).NOT on doing the will of my DNA!
    Pray for our Priests and All Religious!

  • My focus is on doing the Will of God thru his Grace by Prayer and Fasting(when I do it).NOT on doing the will of my DNA!
    Pray for our Priests and All Religious!

  • How did the people who made up the list of gay friendly parishes in Mass. overlook St. Anthony’s Shrine at Arch St.,Boston? Under the present News and Events on the website for St. Anthony’s Shrine, there is a listing of “Advent Brunch and Reflection Sunday for Gays and Lesbians” on Dec. 12-Gaudet Sunday following the 12:00 Noon Mass. Co-facilitators: Fr. Michael Parise(pastor of St. Andrew’s Catholic Church, Billrica) and Dr. Jackie Stewart. Also, Fr. Walter Cuenin used his parish(Our lady help of Christians,Newton)
    bulletin( to invite his parishioners to attend this same event stating that he would be a “presenter”. He states that the event is sponsored also by The Jesuit Urban Center and The Paulist Center as well as St. Anthony’s Shrine.
    Then, on the St. Anthony’s Shrine website, there is also an event on Wed. , Dec. 15, from 5;30-7:00 p.m., titled “Gays and Lesbians,Transgendered”..“Join us for reflection,mutual support, and fellowship, in an inclusive, affirming, and loving setting for GLBT Christians.”” Facilitator: Fr. Michael Parise.”
    There was a time when St. Anthony’s Shrine hosted meetings for Courage members but Courage had to find another meeting place when Fr. David Convertino,OFM, became the Director of the St. Anthony’s Shrine and had no use for the way of Courage. Courage is the only program approved by the Holy See to help those with same-sex attraction to live a chaste life according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.  But now at St. Anthony’s Shrine, under Fr. Convertino’s direction, the way of PFLAG is supported and celebrated. PFLAG uses its document “Is It A Sin?” with quotes from Sister Jeannine Grammick and Fr. Robert Nugent, claiming that same-sex sex acts are a blessing and the partners should be entitled to a religious blessing for their union. The Holy See has ordered Sr. Grammick and Fr. Nugent to stop their teaching, but, as one can easily see, their false teachings are being promulgated in the Boston Archdiocese, even by Fr. Cuenin and Fr. Parise who are under the authority of Archbishop O’Malley. It seems apparent that St. Anthony’s Shrine should be added to the list of those parishes that have gone the way of all flesh!



    “This means our unilateral acceptance of others.

    The basis of our acceptance and love for all is that Christ welcomed and saved all for the glory of God.

    Christ accepts people not based on their accomplishments or even because of their repentance but simply for God of sick irony that the Sunday on which St. Anthony’s is hosting these events, Gaudete Sunday, is one of two days of the year when rose (pink) vestments are worn.


    SORRY—THIS PICTURE ISN’T WHAT I WANT TO SEE at my PARISH at all!  For that matter—none of these!

    This is a “PROUD” representation of this parish—
    only in “MARY’S LAND”—no wonder Our Mother cries!  I am too!

    AND MY LAST FINDINGS THE PRIEST—>>>Questions & Answers-?? about what!?—LOOK IN CENTER-FRONT SEATED ROW-2nd on right
    Rev. Domenic Cieri Pastor! (Fr. Nick)
    FIND THE PRIEST!  HMMM!? is this like “find Waldo”?

  • I will always remember St. Anthony’s with grateful affection… that’s the place I went for immediate Confession after years and years of sinning with no repentance. They used to have Confession all day long, every day… and the Confessionals were always busy. I stopped in a couple or more years ago with my kids to show ‘em around and I didn’t see the Confessionals in use at all. It seemed kind of new-agey. Very sad but somehow not surprising. I hauled the kids over to the chapel in the Pru instead. Lit some ‘real’ candles, got on our knees in front of the exposed Eucharist and thanked God for sanctuary!

    As for the picture… looks like his two nephews (perusing the St. Bernadette’s photo album) he’s with. Read some of the homilies and honest, this poor priest is just lost in the wilderness and doesn’t know it. Easy to do for all of us when you bypass the Magisterium and follow your own prone to sin/error conscience.

    As an aside (and I should get dopeslapped for saying this, I deserve it), going by almost every single picture I saw, I’d be able to tell this priest was light in the loafers a mile away. I could not attend one of his Masses unless there was no where else to go. [ducking]

  • “Accept all people” seems to always mean to accept all people unless they believe and publicly support the teachings of the Catholic Church in the area of sexual ethics. A prime example of the kind of hatred and scorn that is heaped upon believing Catholics could be seen when George Weigel spoke at B.C. about Pope John Paul II’s work The Theology of the Body and how theologians who support his work will bring about a wonderous revolution regarding the relationship of husband and wife in marriage as a dim reflection of the loving relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the Trinity. After he finished his talk, Fr. David Hollenbach, a theologian at B.C., stood up and very angrily and scornfully said that the teachings of Pope John Paul II on sexual ethics are false. When Fr. Hollenbach said this, there was applause from many of the members of Voice of the Faithful who agreed with Fr. Hollenbach and joined him in heaping hatred and scorn on Pope John Paul II. But,of course, we are not supposed to take this as excluding anyone!!  Only the Pope and believing Catholics can be excluded with impunity!!

  • Colleen, Alice, and all within the sound o’ my voice:

    Thanks for coming to Saint Francis Chapel.

    Colleen, I know what you mean…we used to call Saint Anthony’s Shring “the prayer factory” because it was open all day.

    Please pray for the people who continue to try to turn the church back to what it used to be…for example, the good secular Franciscans.

    They have a long way to go. Pray they succeed.

    As for me, I’ll be at Saint Francis or Saint Clement’s.

  • Father Nick was liturgy director (what else?) for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He and his friends Msgr. Nick Amato (former archdiocesan head of education) and former chancellor Msgr. Michael Schleupner (long time co-owners and co-residents of a house in west Baltimore) tried to make Shrine of the Sacred Heart a gay-friendly parish, but the attempt was not appreciated by the parishioners. One of them remarked on the Epiphany that we couldn?t get three kings but instead we had three queens

  • Kelly, Is St. Clement’s the old and beautiful parish in the back bay (I think I passed it once) and is it the ‘mother’ Church of St. Francis (in the Pru)? The chapel in the Pru is an oasis… great little bookstore as well, I was surprised and overjoyed by the titles they carry. Wish I could get in there more than I do.

    Speaking of being pressed for time…

    Please spare a few prayers for my sister in law who is wasting away from metastatic breast cancer… every day is a new challenge for her, chemo isn’t working and she fights infections and every single indignity that could happen to a person. Without complaining, ever. My brother is almost overwhelmed and the two boys (ages 11 & 12) are confused and hurting. Please pray that this family finds God and asks for his loving mercy in their pain. For 10 years I begged God to move them back to Massachusetts and against all odds, they were transferred back here last spring… three days later she found out the cancer had returned after two cancer free years, so it’s a blessing that they are here and we can help, but regardless of how much you do, you still feel helpless in the face of so much suffering.

  • Colleen, prayers for your hurting family coming their way. And I also remember St. Anthony’s shrine with affection and am very sad about this turn in it’s fortunes. Before my husband retired I accompanied him on many business trips to Boston, and was directed to the shrine by a “park ranger” at one of the historical sites. Confessions and Masses all day – I thought it was such a blessing for Boston to have.  I spent much time on my knees there. Many poor were also evident, and I truly felt I met Christ in 1 of them. As a contrast, I recall checking out the Paulist Center – it was just…..well, creepy comes to mind. After overcoming the lock-down feature, I couldn’t find the tabernacle.  It was a very unwelcoming place as I remember,and had an unused feel about it,unlike the open and busy St. Anthony’s.No wonder Boston’s Catholics fronted Kerry ……..

  • Here I sit at my computer screen feeling sick to the stomach after looking at the picture of the priests with their hands on the chests of two young and innocent boys!

    Dear Lord I hope that they are still innocent!

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  • The photo is disturbing, but those kids do bear a strong resemblance to him—maybe they are nephews.  Even if that is the case, it doesn’t seem very prudent to publish such a flamboyant photo!

  • They do look loke nephews.  And the three priests look like “queens” dressed up for Halloween.  If they aren’t well-known down at the local gay bar, I’d be mighty surprised.  The bishop should send a private investigator to check these guys out.
    And that homily !  Thank God I’m trying to follow Him rather than my own DNA ro whatever.  I had enough of following of my own desires and ideas.

  • I have many nephews, and after they were over the lap-sitting stage I don’t remember ever being quite so familiar with them as Father Nick is in the picture, if indeed they are his nephews.
    Given all the news about abuse and Baltimore’s reputation as a center of gay clerical culture (St. Mary’s is known worldwide as the Pink Palace and the diocesan archivist wrote for the Gay Blade ), such a picture is imprudent and insensitive, even if it is innocent. The boys will get merciless kidding from their classmates.

  • Colleen,

    Of course it’s a privilege to pray for your sister in law and your entire family.

    Saint Clement’s Eucharistic Shrine is at the corner of Boylston Street and Mass Ave. It’s really easy to get to. Both Saint Clement’s and Saint Francis Chapel are staffed by The Oblates of the Virgin Mary.

    Saint Clement’s Eucharistic Shrine:

    Saint Francis Chapel:

    Tip regarding Saint Francis Chapel: you can park for two hours for FREE in the Pru! Just have one of the priests in the book store validate your parking ticket.

  • here is a caption for the photo:  “fr. Nick welcomes the new students and says he is lookinf forward to heling rear them.”

    If I were the bishop in this diocese, I would order this parish to state the Church’s teaching from the Catechism on their website and state that they agree with it fully.  I would also order them to remove those rainbow flags and links from their webiste.  If they refused, I would can the pastor, to start.  we need some bishops with balls.

  • Thomas,

    The problem is that Cardinal Keeler, aka Mr. Jews-don’t-need-Jesus, fully supports the gay agenda and has done nothing to roll back their momentum or to even advise a little discretion.

    Keeler won’t do anything about it unless he’s forced to.

    This is such a disgrace.

  • I doubt that the fact they are nephews would inhibit abuse.  It might facilitate it.

    Those hands seem to be saying, “Hands off.  This kid is mine!”


    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  • Sorry- that should have read “…looking forward to helping rear them.”
    Paul- that is a sad situation.  Lord, send us priests and bishops who believe in, and will confirm us in, the fullness of truth.