Saving a parish the right way

Saving a parish the right way

We’ve had several of these already and I expect we’ll get even more in the next month. Here’s yet another story about parishioners fighting to keep their parish open. Yes, it’s the big, bad archdiocese trying to screw the little guy again. As I’ve said before, these people just don’t understand that some parishes have to close. It may not be their parish and they may have some reason to believe their parish should remain open, but people are kidding themselves if they think it’s not going to happen.

Of course, the way Gate of Heaven parish in South Boston is going about it may be the way to succeed. They are encouraging parishioners to continue to fill the pews every week to show that the parish is vibrant and alive. If they can pull it off, then that’s reason enough to keep it open. Of course, it’s sad that it took this to convince people to go out and get their neighbors back to church, that they weren’t motivated by what’s good for their neighbors, but with saving something they love. But whatever the motivation, the end result could be good.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli