San Francisco Catholics and gay pride

San Francisco Catholics and gay pride

Of course, the Boston archdiocese isn’t the only US diocese where a parish is an enthusiastic supporter of the gay pride events taking place in the beginning of June. The San Francisco archdiocese, whose Archbishop William Levada was just made prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is a hotbed of such activity as you might suspect. Here are just two items of interest.

First, we’ve mentioned this before, but the chancellor of the archdiocese is Fr. Stephen Meriwether. He is also pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish. The parish bulletin for June 12 (PDF) included a full page advertisement for San Francisco Pride 2005 on Sunday, June 26. In addition to staffing a parish booth for the event, they were also selling “Pride Packs” that included a Gay Pride 2005 t-shirt, a rainbow flag and a papal flag. Now, if the Church’s teaching is that homosexual activity is immoral and that the homosexual condition is a disorder, how can pride in such be reconciled with it? What if a parish decided to send a a contingent to the Adultery Pride Parade? What would be the difference.

To be clear, this is no family friendly gathering of sober and chaste people who happen to suffer with same-sex attraction. Like every other public celebration of homosexuality it’s all about the sex. The parade starts off with Dykes on Bikes, likely to include the infamous anti-Catholic “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” as in past years, various sex tutorials, as well as a panoply of various floats depicting all kinds of kinks and perversions. The full gamut can be found on the official SF Pride web site.

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Domenico Bettinelli
  • It’s as if that pernicious “I am personally opposed, but…” dodge has become standard operating procedure for many of our bishops: “Oh, the bishop is personally very orthodox, but…”  If ya don’t bring it to the street, it aint real your Eminence!

    This BS reminds me of that part of the Screwtape Letters where the guy had two sets of friends that didn’t know about each other.  He would be all holy around his church buddies and all worldly with his “smart set” friends, thinking himself so sophisticated and wise while being a permanent traitor to both sets.

  • Arrrgghhh . . . arrgghh . . . AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

    Okay, we now return you to your normally scheduled blog . . .

    P.S. “Adultery Pride Parade”. I like that. Though I daresay most “gay pride” supporters would not see a parallel – “you can *choose* to be an adulterer” etc.

  • And we are called to be obediant to our bishops?
    Another loud alarm that our children and families are not safe with shepherds such as these representing our church in the open society.

  • And what about that guy Dan Schutte, creator of horrid sounds? Who is that guy he lives with?